At the ongoing Snap Annual Lens Fest, Snap has made quite a handful of announcements including new features for Lenses, monetization tools for AR creators and so on. The company announced that its 306M daily Snapchatters now play with AR on an average of more than 6 billion times per day. Snap’s Lens Studio tool now has more than 250,000 Lens creators from more than 200 countries and territories and that they have built more than 2.5 million AR Lenses. It further added that more than 520 million Snaps have now been created using Sounds on Snapchat, which adds music to Snaps.

With the 4.10 update of AR creation software, Snap has introduced new features and tools for Lens Studio. Lenses created in the Lens Studio can be across Snapchat, Snap Camera, Spectacles, or into other apps through Camera Kit. The newly launched features include a new sound library that will allow users to add Snapchat’s licensed music and audio clips into their own lenses.

Another is real-world physics in which AR elements appear and react more easily and realistically “to forces of physics like gravity and collisions”. Lastly, “API Library for Real-time data” feature lets users to pull real-time information from other sources like  US stock market, weather data and more. This is released with APIs from partners including FTX, Alpaca, Accuweather, and iTranslate.


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Snap creators will now be able to make Custom Landmakers that were introduced by the company back in 2019. For the unversed, with this feature, creators will be able to transform local landmarks into AR attractions. As per the company, “All it takes is a mobile device with a LiDAR Scanner to map the area and create a 3D model to bring into Lens Studio. We’re excited to soon hand over our Landmarker mapping technology and let creators turn more of the world—from statues to storefronts—into their canvas.”

Additionally, with world mesh, Snap creators will now be able to use depth information and world geometry understanding to create experiences that look more realistic.

Snap has also announced new monetization features for creators on the platform. These features include “a call-to-action” to allow users to include direct links in Lens and “gifting” to lead viewers to the destinations like merch shops. In addition to this, “Ghost, Snap’s AR innovation lab, is accepting new applications on a rolling basis. Developers and small teams who want to explore the technical and creative possibilities of AR can apply and receive a grant of up to $150,000 for each project, as well as support directly from the Snap team,” said Snap in a statement.

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