Snapchat for iOS gets new features: Here’s how to use Bitmoji Reactions, Poll Stickers

With people embracing the new year with resolutions and precautions, Snapchat is taking part to celebrate and start off the year with a major update. But the social media network planned to only cheer up iOS users, sidelining the Android folks.

Although Snapchat makes humble mention of enabling users to reply, react, and even survey friends across Android and iOS devices with a bunch of new features. Here are the several additions Snap users can use (once they receive the update on their iPhone).

Snapchat update brings Chat Reply, Bitmoji reactions, Poll Stickers, and more

Chat Reply

As explained by Snap folks, this feature will let you respond to individual messages in an ongoing chat. To start a thread just hold down on a message in Chat and tap Reply.

Bitmoji Reactions

Snapchat has added a total of seven Bitmoji emotions that users can choose, and you can give quick reactions to any quirky or funny text that cracks you up while in a conversation.

Poll Stickers

The latest update also brings Emoji-powered Polls to stills and Stories. The visual Polls will work across iOS, and Android so that friends in one’s account can show their thoughts. “Snaps Polls were designed with transparency in mind–you can see how your friends voted to help ensure responses stay thoughtful and kind. To create a Poll, check out the new option in the Sticker folder,” Snapchat mentioned in the blog post.

Improved Calling

Snapchat is also making changes to video and audio calling interface to engage users. The platform cites that with its improved calling features users will be able to use tens and thousands of video calling-compatible Lenses to choose from thereby finding more ways to express themselves.

To recall, Snap added a standalone video editing app ‘Story Studio‘ last month. But, the app is exclusive to iPhone users. As users on Android await the app release in the platform, the new features that are arriving on iOS just add sad hicks for the users on the other end.

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