Snapchat new mode adds a 3D effect to your selfies

Photo-messaging app Snapchat has announced a new 3D Camera Mode. This new feature will let users make and share images with diorama-like depth effects. Read on to find out more on the new Snapchat camera mode.

“We’re excited to introduce a 3D Camera Mode that adds depth to your Snaps,” Snapchat’s blog post reads. “Use it to create Snaps that capture spatial detail, changing in perspective and appearance based on how you move your phone when you view them. These new Snaps look different, act different, and feel different.”

This feature though is only available to users with an Apple iPhone X and above. The reason being that it uses the smartphone’s True Depth camera. That said, any Android or iOS device will be able to receive and view the creations. As per The Verge, the company plans to eventually add the 3D selfie ability to additional devices.

Snap initially introduced the idea for 3D effects with Snaps when it introduced its latest Spectacles. These wearables include a second camera to capture depth. The effects and filters add things like confetti, light streaks, and miscellaneous animations.

The 3D selfies captured in Snapchat can be shared on the app or saved to a user’s camera roll and shared elsewhere. Sharing outside the app though will take away the ability for people to move their phone around to change the image’s perspective.

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