A small number of Apple’s iPhone 13 models are facing a ‘pink screen’ issue wherein the displays turn pink while the device is still in use. Users on Apple’s Community forum and Reddit have documented how the display of their iPhone 13 smartphone turns pink and then crashes randomly rendering the device useless.

Some of these reports date back to October 2021, shortly after the iPhone 13 was launched with the general symptoms being the display turning pink, screen freezing followed by the device crashing abruptly. Some users have also complained that their iPhone 13 smartphones lock up after the device turns pink.

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“I use an iPhone 13 Pro for a two day and my screen turns pink for a few seconds and then reloads. It happens all the time, so I can’t use my iPhone,” an iPhone 13 user wrote on Apple’s Community forums.
“Had the same issue when taking a picture and it froze screen turned pink and then restarted. Called apple support they ran diagnostics and said there was nothing wrong. So gonna keep it until it happens again or happens constantly. if it does i am returning it since I just got it day before yesterday,” wrote another user.

As of now, there seems to be no indication as to why this issue is manifesting but the issue seems to be fixable. Some iPhone users have reported that resetting their phones seems to fix the issue, while others say that contacting Apple Support for a replacement seems to help.

According to a report by MyDrivers, Apple made a statement regarding the matter on Weibo (via 9to5 Mac) wherein the company acknowledged that it is aware of the issue and that they didn’t find any problems in the hardware causing the problem. Furthermore, the company’s customer support executive reportedly told a customer that it didn’t find relevant notices that it was a hardware issue, because such issues are caused when the system is stuck.

How to fix iPhone 13’s pink screen issue?

Meanwhile, if you are facing this issue it is advisable that you backup all your data and then factory reset your iPhone 13 model or download the latest iOS version on your device to fix this issue.

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