Sony announces PlayStation Awards 2019 to take place December 3

Japanese company Sony has announced the date of its PlayStation Awards 2019. The annual event will take place this time on December 3 in New Takanawa, Tokyo. This award from Sony rewards game titles based on the title sales. Games that have sold over a million copies are awarded Platinum prizes while those that sell over 500,000 copies get the Gold prizes. The PlayStation Network Award goes to the title that has sold the most number of copies on the PSN Store.

Besides these there is also the award for the highest selling PSVR title of the past 12 months and the three indie games. And finally the PlayStation 25th Anniversary User’s Choice Award is awarded to five previous PlayStation Award winners, who are selected by Japan and Asia users. PlayStation Awards 2019 will be live streamed on December 3 at 1.30PM in India. And those that want to watch it can do so live on the official PlayStation Japan YouTube channel.

Sony recently announced the official timeline for the launch of its next-generation gaming console. As noted previously, there are no surprises in the naming scheme and the next-generation console will be known as PlayStation 5. As per the announcement, the company will launch the console towards the end of next year. The company confirmed that the console launch is scheduled to hit the market in time for the 2020 holiday season. Sony initially announced the PlayStation 5 back in April with no concrete launch details. In addition, Sony also shared some additional information about the hardware peripherals of the PlayStation 5.

Sony PlayStation 5 launch details

President and CEO for SIE, Jim Ryan shared details about the launch and hardware in a dedicated post on the Sony PlayStation blog. As part of the post, Ryan acknowledged the excitement and interest around the launch of PlayStation 5. He went on to share information about the upcoming controller that will ship with the device. The new controller will come with haptic feedback to replace the “rumble” feedback. This will allow game developers to customize the haptic feedback depending on the game and the situation.

In addition, the company will also introduce “adaptive triggers”. These along with the new haptic feedback will provide a new level of immersion in the games. They will also feature USB Type-C for charging along with a larger battery. Sony has started sending out early versions of the upcoming controllers to game developers. Sony also shared more information regarding the PlayStation 5 in an exclusive from Wired. Taking a closer look, Sony PlayStation 5 will feature an SSD storage along with AMD Ryzen processor and Navi-based GPU.

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