Japanese company Sony had apparently listed a job which hinted that the company may be releasing the PlayStation 5 in October. But the company has now confirmed that it is not going to do so. As for the listing it was apparently made as a mistake by the recruitment company that was involved. The official release window is still Holiday 2020.

As for the production of the PS5 it looks like the company is planning to manufacture a limited number of units. Sony will make a limited number of PlayStation 5 units in the first year as compared to PS4. A report from Bloomberg revealed that the company is not expecting much demand for the console in the first year. Two reasons are suspected behind the less than stellar demand after the launch. The first reason is the ambitious specifications and the second reason is likely the high expected price at launch.

The report also revealed that the ongoing global pandemic has not affected the production capacity for PS5. However, it does seem to have affected the PS5-related promotions that Sony had planned in advance. According to the report, the company has asked its manufacturing partners to make 5-6 million units. The 5-6 million number for the Sony PS5 is quite low for a next-generation console. For some context, Sony sold 7.5 million PS4 units in the first six months after the launch. The report noted that the increased price is due to costly components along with an overall scarcity.

Sony plans to bring people on to the PlayStation Network and its services with the PlayStation 4. The PS4 will work as a bridge between first-time users and the users that want to experience the latest games with shiny graphics. Sony is also likely to reduce the pricing of its PS4 and the PS4 Pro after the PS5 launch.

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