Sony has exited multiple countries for its mobile products. But the Japanese giant continues to hold the lead in the image sensor market. Sony makes IMX range sensors for smartphones that is used by numerous phone makers for their camera. And a new report confirms the company’s standing in the market. But it has to be wary of Samsung’s attempts to change the status quo in the segment.

The South Korean conglomerate has added a slew of image sensors to its lineup, catering to wide range of mobile devices. But the general consensus says Sony still has the upper hand over Samsung. But that doesn’t allow the Japanese brand to sit on its past laurels. The report from Strategy Analytics gives 44 percent of the image sensor market to Sony. Right behind them is Samsung with 32 percent share, which is not a lot to make up. And this will give Samsung the confidence and impetus to try and surpass the Japanese brand in the charts by next year or two.


Sony still has a bigger chunk of the market, because it works with more number of brands. And thankfully, the results of its image sensors are still better than what you get with Samsung’s sensors. As long as Sony can maintain its quality, it will continue to lead the market.

Sony announces first sensor with built-in AI features

Sony recently claimed to develop the world’s first image sensor that comes with built-in artificial intelligence. The new Sony sensors are simply-put small computers with a logic processor and memory. As a result, they can recognize images without generating them. This allows the sensors to do AI-driven tasks like counting objects, identifying objects, and more in real-time without taking this information to another separate chipset. The brand has built the technology by collaborating with tech giants including names like Huawei and Google, companies that have been making chips dedicated to AI processing.

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