Sony has revealed more details about the PlayStation 5 and said the console should be approximately 100 times faster than the PS4, its current product in the gaming market. The information was presented in a company document for investors, found on the LadBible website.

In a division dedicated to the new generation console, the company says it intends to “revolutionize” the experience of playing with the Sony PlayStation 5. According to the firm, the new console will be up to 100 times faster than the PS4 because of the adoption of a high-speed SSD for storage.

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The device used in the next-generation console is a custom SSD that uses the NVMe standard. The component allows the Sony PlayStation 5 to deliver a speed data reading of 5.5 GB per second. Reaching up to 9 GB per second with compression. In comparison, the Xbox Series X includes a custom 1TB NVME SSD, but its raw throughput is less than half at 2.4GB/s.

No loading screens on PS5

As the company explains in the report, the SSD’s high speed allows the console to deliver games with virtually no loading screens. “Game loading times should be much shorter. And players will be able to explore open-world games in almost an instant,” explains Sony.

In addition to ensuring more speed when opening and running games. The PS5 will deliver more pixels on the screen. According to Sony, the console hardware will bring higher resolutions and frame rates, aiming to ensure immersion in games. The new device from the Japanese manufacturer will also use 16GB of RAM, processor based on Zen 2 architecture. And a customized RDNA 2 GPU.

Sony also reaffirms that the launch of the PS5 will happen at the end of the year. And its official announcement could schedule to take place at the beginning of June. The firm has recently reassured investors and revealed that the console launch would not delay because of the pandemic.

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