There’s another record that the Sony PS4 has achieved, and that is to become the second most sold console ever. It recently reached the 100 million mark back in the last quarter. And now with 2.8 million units sold this quarter, the PlayStation 4 has becomes the second most sold console. But even with its numbers, it is still a ways off catching up to the PS2 which sold a massive 155 million units. It crossed the original PlayStation with its 102.5 million units sold sometime back to achieve this position.

To be fair, the PS4 sales numbers are down which shows that the console is at an end of its journey. Even the gaming revenue and profit dropped by as much as 17 percent and 35 percent, respectively, over 2018. According to the newest from Sony, it expects a lower sales number for the PS4 in 2019 than they had predicted. They now expect that they will sell 1.5 million less PS4 than they expected. Even the holiday sales this time around will be affected, considering that the company has already announced the upcoming PS5 for next year. The PS5 is set to hit the market on holiday 2020.

Hence, those that still want to make gifts of Sony PS4 things, they would probably go for the games. This makes sense since Sony has announced that the games will be backward compatible with PS5. Sony has recorded a slight loss of profit this quarter, in comparison to the same one from last year by 3 percent. It has still managed to make a profit of 279 billion yen ($2.56 billion) from the sales of its consoles.

Even though Sony lost a bit of its profit in the gaming segment, it has made money in all the other segments, except one. Sony Pictures made a profit of $1.75 billion, but that was marred by the losses of the newly formed Electronic Products and Solutions segment. This division was created by merging its mobile, camera, TV and audio product lines.

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