After a long wait caused by a weird reason, Sony has finally announced the PlayStation 5 prices for India. Mirroring the international price tags, India will get to see two models of the PS5 at competitive pricing when compared to the Xbox Series S and Series X. Along with the consoles, Sony has also released the prices for all the updated PlayStation accessories. The date of availability is yet to be revealed.

The PS5 is coming in two variants – the standard version that costs Rs 49,990 and the Digital Edition that costs Rs 39,990. The standard version features a Blue-Ray drive whereas the Digital Edition skips it, saving costs. Unlike the Xbox siblings, both the PS5 models feature identical hardware with identical performance. With the Standard PS5, you will be able to load games off discs, similar to the PS4 Pro.

These consoles are bringing a host of accessories to enhance the gaming experience. You can get the PlayStation HD camera at Rs 5,190 while the Pulse 3D wireless headset costs Rs 8,590. There’s a PlayStation media remote costing Rs 2,590 while the DualSense charging station for controllers asks Rs 2,590.

PS5 launch games pricing

As part of the launch games, Sony is releasing five PS5 titles at launch and has revealed the prices for the same. You can get Demon’s Souls at Rs 4,999 and Destruction Allstars at Rs 4,999. Marvel Spiderman Miles Morales: Ultimate Edition will set you back by Rs 4,999 while Marvel Spiderman: Miles Morales regular edition will cost Rs 3,999. There’s also a Sackboy: A Big Adventure coming in at Rs 3,999.

Sony is yet to announce the sale date but given an accidental listing, it could be up for grabs by November 19. That’s 10 days after the Xbox Series S and Series X start shipping in India. The PS5 has similar hardware to the Xbox Series X but differs from the latter with its controversial design. The PS5 Digital Edition has the same hardware as the PS5 and yet, it costs Rs 6,000 more than the stripped-down Xbox Series S.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S starts at Rs 34,990 in India while the flagship Xbox Series X costs Rs 49,990. Both these consoles feature Microsoft’s Quick Resume feature along with custom SSD storage for faster game loading times.

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