Sony has finally revealed how the next generation of controllers for PlayStation 5 would look. Called the DualSense controllers, these are the updated version of the DualShock 4 controllers that will be shipping with the PS5. Sony has revealed the controller before the PS5 console’s look has been made public. The controllers are a clear departure from the design philosophy that Sony had for the last 25 years. While on the inside, it has some significant changes as well.

Sony DualSense controller: Details

The new DualSense controller comes with Haptic feedback which replaces the Rumble technology of the previous controllers. The new DualSense controller comes with ‘adaptive triggers’ that can adjust to the resistance for different gameplay scenarios. Another new addition is a microphone on the controller along with the USC-C port which was expected for a while now. For the design elements, Sony has resorted to the dual-tone color theme that we had seen in the PSVR. The new DualSense controller has a more rounded design element to its grips and buttons.

The share button that was present in the previous DualShock controllers has been renamed as the ‘Create button’. This button will apparently give users access to “new ways for players to create epic gameplay content to share with the world.” Sony didn’t go into anymore details about this at the present time, but would share in the future. Sony seems to have taken a cue from the extremely successful PS2 where the PlayStation logo could be rotated. The DualSense controller has the PlayStation button cutout in the shape of the logo.

Besides this there is the center-mounted touchpad and the light bar that was already there on the DualShock 4 controllers. The light bar has been moved from the front (facing the TV) of the controller to the right and the left sides of the touchpad. One thing that Sony kept the same is that the top portion of the controller still houses the D-pad and face buttons. While the analog sticks are on the bottom portion of the controller. Sony has not mentioned any price point or other details of the new controller yet though.

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