Gurugram-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) Spectra has just launched a new broadband plan for internet users. As part of the announcement, the company is now offering a yearly plan with 1 Gbps bandwidth. The interesting thing to note here is that this plan will only amount to an effective price of just Rs 885 per month. The report also noted that Spectra is currently offering this plan in a number of cities across India. These cities include Delhi, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

Spectra Broadband plan details

According to a report by TelecomTalk, Spectra is also offering the 1 Gbps plan for one, three, our six months. It noted that the yearly 1 Gbps plan amounts to Rs 21,934 per year. However, if the subscriber actually opts for the plan, Spectra provides an additional nine months of service for free. What is interesting here is that this nine-month service comes with unlimited data. Though, the subscribers need to actually pay the amount to become eligible for this extra nine-month service. It also noted that the ISP will also remove the installation changes for subscribers opting for the yearly plan.

The 21-month long service then effectively brings down the monthly cost to just Rs 885. In addition, the report also noted that Spectra will give D-Link 825 AC 1200 dual-band gigabit router to its customers. Subscribers do have to return the router at the end of the plan. The report did note that the free service is not just limited to the yearly plan.

In fact, users opting for the 1 Gbps plan or six months will also get one free month of service. It will come with similar benefits of unlimited data, free installation and free D-Link router. Digging deeper in other offers, the three-month offer will give 1000GB data per month with a 50 percent discount on the installation. This period amounts to Rs 8,074 with Rs 2,000 charge for the D-Link router. Last but not least, the monthly 1Gbps broadband plan amounts to Rs 1,549 with just 500GB data allowance.

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