Popular music streaming service Spotify has revised its daily and weekly plans in India with a new name and price. The plans are now called Spotify Premium Mini and start just at Rs. 7 in the country. Read on to know more about the new Spotify plans.

Spotify Premium Mini plans: What’s new?

The new Spotify Premium Mini plans include daily and weekly access to the music streaming service. While the daily plan is priced at Rs. 7, the weekly plan is priced at Rs. 25. Previously, both plans were at Rs. 13 and Rs. 39, respectively.

The plans provide users with premium features such as ad-free music streaming and the ability to download up to 30 songs in the offline mode. However, both the daily and weekly plans work only on a single smartphone and support a streaming rate of 160kbps, which is similar to the free plan.

Additionally, Spotify users can extend their Premium Mini plans for up to three months. But, there is a caveat. Once the subscription ends, all the downloaded songs will be removed and users will have to download them all over again.


Spotify plans

For those who don’t know, the Spotify Premium Mini plans are in addition to the Spotify free plan, the Spotify Individual plan (Rs. 119/month), Spotify Duo plan (Rs. 149/month), and the Spotify Family plan (Rs. 179/month). The Spotify Premium plans (Individual, Duo, Family) offers a streaming rate of 320kbps, ad-free music experience, and the ability to download up to 10,000 songs on up to 5 devices, depending upon the plan that is chosen. The Individual plan allows for one account and 3 months of free subscription. The Duo and Family plans provide 1 month of free subscription and support for two and six accounts, respectively.

Users can also opt for the Individual Premium plan at Rs. 999 a year. To recall, Spotify discounted its Premium plan last month and is still offering it at Rs. 999, coming down from Rs. 1,189 per year.

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