Popular music streaming service Spotify has just announced a ‘Lite’ version of its app in India. This announcement comes months after the company initially launched in the market. The ‘Lite’ version is similar to most other ‘Lite’ apps in the market. To begin with, it is a watered-down version of the main app with basic functionality. The app is meant for older smartphones with limited processing power and storage. In addition, the company also revealed that the app has been kept light to improve its performance. For contrast, this version is just about 10MB in size so users can easily download this.

Spotify Lite India launch details

The music streaming service also revealed that with the launch, the ‘Lite’ version is now available in 36 different markets. Spotify clarified that it started a Beta for the Lite app a few months back to check the user interest. This allowed the company to refine the app for its launch. Amarjit Singh Batra, the Managing Director for Spotify India states, “This small, fast app will make millions of free songs more accessible to anyone who may have an older mobile device, limited storage on their phones, are in poor internet connectivity areas, or just don’t want to spend excess data on listening to music.”

Batra further went on to add, “We are committed to the long-term development of the music streaming industry, and the launch of Spotify Lite is another strong step in that direction.” Users can access millions of songs in the all while getting a similar Spotify experience. In addition to this, the “Lite’ app also comes with a new feature that allows users to set data limits. This ensures that users won’t be able to cross their daily FUP (Fair Usage Policy) caps. This also means that they can listen to music in a carefree manner rather than checking and re-checking their data usage.

Spotify also stated that users can download tracks offline in case they have a patchy internet connection. In fact, the app also allows easy control to the music download cache in case the user is running out of storage space. Both free or Premium Spotify users can now download the Spotify Lite app from Google Play Store. This version runs independently to the main app. One thing that users need to ensure is that they are running Android 4.3 or later version on their device. The app listing still shows “Beta” market but that is likely to change soon.

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