If you remember a time when you have a tune in your head and were practically begging to know the name of a song, you are not alone. We have all been there. Thanks to modern advanced search algorithms, searching for a song has become quite easy in recent years if you know at least some of the lyrics, even a few words in sequence here and there, and a quick Google search will lead you to a few songs that match those lyrics, one of which should definitely be your song. Now, this feature comes straight to Spotify, one of the most popular music apps out there.

Spotify now lets you search for your favorite songs by just searching for the portion of its lyrics that you remember. Needless to say, the lyrics need to be correct for this to work. When you search in the app, songs that have lyrics of the phrases you just typed will have a ‘lyrics match’ below them. The feature was announced by Spotify via the tweet you see below.

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Spotify has been playing big on the lyrics front recently. The app recently added real-time lyrics provided by Musixmatch to 26 regional markets back in June this year. Spotify’s rival, Apple Music, however, has had both the features for a while.

In other news, Spotify recently called out Apple publicly for its “unfair” practices. Less than an hour post the conclusion of the Apple Time Flies Event, Spotify issued a statement. The statement accuses Apple of using its dominant position to harm competitive behavior. While it takes no names, the post by Spotify is directly aimed at Apple One. The bundle deal is at the end of the day a deal that will pull more music-streamers towards the brand and away from other names like Spotify. Users who make the shift will have one unified bill for all their services, instead of having a separate invoice for different services.

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