Spotify has launched a new Premium Family plan in India, which is priced at Rs 179 per month. The latest plan gives family members living under one roof more choices to customize music streaming and podcasts, with ad-free, on-demand music listening experience, the company said.

“Family time and recreation are a core part of our culture and we want users to discover new music and podcasts through their family, without compromising on their personal taste and app experience,” said Amarjit Batra, Managing Director – India, Spotify.

With the new Premium Family plan, one will be able to access 450,000 podcast titles and 50 million tracks/songs. The company says users also get individual accounts, where with up to six accounts per family, everyone gets to play their own music and podcasts. Moreover, this plan’s monthly bill will be sent to the master account holder for the entire family, as per Spotify.

Last month, Spotify added a feature that lets users share their favorite music and podcasts with friends on Snapchat. The app is one of the several destinations that Spotify users can share on, along with WhatsApp, MessengerTwitterInstagram Stories and Facebook Stories, TechCrunch reported on Monday.

The new feature would allow users to either add albums, tracks or podcasts to a story or share them directly with their friends. In addition, the feature would also make it possible for Spotify artists and their teams to promote their music to Snapchat’s users.

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