Square Enix announces new Guardians of the Galaxy at E3 2021: Details here

Square Enix during its E3 keynote revealed that Eidos Montreal is currently working on a Marvel superhero game, simply titled Guardians of the Galaxy. The game will release on October 26 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

The game will provide its users with a third-person action-adventure experience. The lead character of the game would be Star Lord (aka Peter Quill) who will be joined by the rest of the Guardians at all times, with the likes of Groot and Rocket being AI companions.

The story will take place several years after an intergalactic war, when the Guardians are still a relatively fresh group, having been together for less than a year.

Choices will play a major part in the game, with their being consequences to the decisions made. Early gameplay footage shows a game filled with major battles, colourful worlds, plenty of ‘80s music, weird alien monsters, sleek starships and lots of banter.

This isn’t the first Marvel game we are getting to see from Square Enix. To recall, the company had earlier released an Avengers game developed by Crystal Dynamics (Eidos Montreal also assisted on that game).

The game had a good single-player campaign, however, was held back due to its live-service elements and microtransactions. To fix these problems Square Enix has announced that the Guardians of the Galaxy game will only be a single-player campaign game with no add-on DLC or microtransactions.

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