Epic Games, the developer for one of the most popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite has just made a new announcement. As part of the announcement, the developer is bringing back Star Wars characters and items to the game. However, it also noted that these characters and in-game items will be available only for a short amount of time. The re-introduction is well in time for May 4, a day known as “Star Wars Day” across the world. Along similar lines, Fortnite players will be able to use these items for just about a day. Let’s check out more details regarding the items on Fortnite here.

Fortnite brings back Star Wars characters; details

According to an announcement, the game developer has brought back lightsabers, important Star Wars characters, outfits, emotes, and more. Fortnite players can select between four different lightsabers in the in-game item shop. These include the Blue saber that Rey and Obi-Wan use, and Green saber that Luke used. It also includes Purple Saber that Mace Windu used and the special red saber that Kylo Ren used. It is worth noting that beyond the special Red saber, multiple Star Wars characters have used other identical sabers. However, we only mentioned the popular, easy-to-recognize characters.

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Inspecting other Star Wars items, players can get the Kylo Ren, Rey, or a Sith Trooper skins. Epic Games also added a “dark side” emote in the store. This emote and rest of the skins are priced at 200 V-bucks, the Fortnite in-game currency. These items will not provide any special skills or force abilities to players. However, they do ensure that the player looks cool while playing the game.

If you want the real-deal, that is a proper Star Wars game then you can head to Steam. The game platform is offering a number of deals on individual games along with special bundles. It is also worth noting that other services are also offering deals, and Star Wars-related content to mark the day.

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