Steam Game Festival: Access to over 500 free game demos and more

Steam Game Festival 2021 Edition: Steam will kick off its Steam Game Festival on February 3. During the festival, Valve is offering gamers 500 free, playable game demos. This time along the company will also schedule a livestream with developer interactions.

Valve announced its upcoming Steam Game Festival via a tweet along with a YouTube video providing us with a sneak peek into the festival. To recall, Valve has held multiple Steam Game Festivals since March, last year.

Steam Game Festival: Timings, details

The festival will kick off on February 3 at 11:30 PM IST and will end at 11:30 PM IST on February 9. During the festival, gamers will be able to play over 500 game demos of upcoming games. Simultaneously it will also provide them with an opportunity to interact with some developers of these games and industry veterans.

Steam Game Festival: Game demos

Game demos that will be made available during the festival will span the action, strategy, adventure, platformer, puzzle and visual novel genres. In the YouTube video teaser shared by the company include Hazel Sky, Flying to the Finish, Black Book, Almighty: Kill Your Gods, Shady Knight, Genesis Noir, The Riftbreaker and Bloodroots. As of now, there is information on the release dates for any of the games.

Steam has also set up a microsite accessible via its homepage, which will allow interested gamers to set a reminder via email or mobile app for when the festival begins.

Steam Game Festival: Why?

With its game festivals, Steam aims to allow gamers to try out new games for free before they are released, so that they can purchase the games when they officially release. Additionally, it will provide the developers with early feedback, allowing them to introduce any major changes ahead of the release.

To recall, Valve has already hosted multiple Steam Game Festivals. The first one was held in March, with the Summer Edition being held in June and the Autumn Edition in October 2020.

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