Suicide Squad’s Bloodsport comes to Fortnite along with Picky Sicky Harley Quinn

With Suicide Squad releasing today in theatres, Epic Games has also kicked off its collaboration between Fortnite and the popular movie franchise. To kick off the journey, Idris Elba’s Bloodsport has arrived in Fortnite as a character skin. The Bloodsport character skin and all of his accessories have been made available for a limited time.

The Bloodsport skin can currently only be used inside of the Battle Royale and Creative modes, players cannot use it inside of the Save the World mode. On the other hand, his accessories can be used in all of the modes.

Along with the Bloodsport Outfit and Starro Specimen Back Bling, you will also get four sprays: Springing Harley, I’m a Superhero, It’s Peacemaker and He’s a Shark. You can also get the A.R.G.U.S. Sabre Pickaxe and Bloodsport Camo Wrap separately.

Apart from the Bloodsport outfit and other items being made available inside of Fortnite, the game is also making Picky Sicky Harley Quinn skin available for players who already own Rebirth Harley. For all players who own the Rebirth Harley skin, they will see their locker automatically updated with the new Harley Quinn style.

Who is Bloodsport?

Bloodsport in the DC film is Robert DuBois, played by Idris Elba. Robert DuBois is one of the notable incarnation of Bloodsport who is an adversary of Superman.

The Bloodsport alias has been used by several fictional supervillains in DC Comics. All of his incarnations have been skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Robert DuBois is skilled in using knives, firearms and explosives, while also having access to some high-tech weaponry.

Take note, Epic Games in an official blog post noted, “Bloodsport is putting Superman on notice. Ahead of the Man of Steel’s arrival in the Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass.” This could mean that this season chapter would be intermingled in a much larger way than before with the next chapter.

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