The Apple iPhone 12 has seen a bunch of leaks ahead of a launch for months now. However, there is never too less time remaining for a new leak to pop up on the web. Now we have a pre-production variant of the upcoming iPhone 12 in a hands-on video. The new phone looks very similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, so much that people might mistake it for a skinned 11 Pro.

However, here is what’s different in the new phone. We can clearly see squared of metallic sides across the perimeter of the phone, something that every leak from the beginning has been confirming. However, we saw many rumors pointing to a smaller notch, which in 2020 would look absolutely ugly. However, the notch in the video appears largely the same as last year.

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Even the triple camera layout on the back looks exactly the iPhone 11 Pro. This doesn’t match with many leaks we have seen. However, as pointed out by GSMarena, most of those leaked renders are based on cases, and the cases don’t cover the raised camera modules. Check out the video below.

We also see no FCC label on the back of the Apple device seen in the video. This is a common element for pre-production units. All things considered, whether this device in the video is an actual iPhone 12 or just a fake remains to be seen. We should have more credible leaks coming out soon.

Apple iPhone 12 series to drop bundled earphones, charger

In other news, a new report from TrendForce continues to suggest the omission of the bundled earphones and charger. The report says the production delays in the iPhone 12 has forced the company to focus on meeting the demand for the iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 11. But offering 5G support on the iPhone 12 comes at a higher cost since the chipset powering the network connectivity bumps up the total bill of materials for the device. “The BOM costs of the iPhone 12 models are significantly higher compared with the models in the previous series because of the 5G support,” it said.

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