SwiftKey, the popular third-party keyboard for Android has just added a significant feature in its latest beta update. The feature we are talking about is the automatic incognito mode. This means that if you are using SwiftKey then future versions of the app will not monitor what you are typing by automatically switching to incognito mode. The incognito mode has gradually turned into a must-have feature for web browsers as it helps users maintain their privacy. A recent report has now indicated that the mode is now gradually making its way to keyboards on Android to help expand its privacy protection cover.

According to a report by Android Police, the auto-toggle incognito mode will stop monitoring whatever the user is typing on their device. This will ensure that the keyboard does not give awkward suggestions or auto correct to some word or term that is only used at the office or work. This is the second keyboard on Android to come with this feature after Google initially rolled out the feature in its in-house Google Gboard app. SwiftKey has a relatively strong audience with more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

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The report also noted that SwiftKey comes with a number of features including enhanced clipboard support, GIF support, multilingual keyboard support, and themes. The company is likely to test the feature for a couple of weeks if not months to ensure that it is stable before rolling it out in the stable version for the keyboard.

This new feature comes just days after the company announced a major update claiming significant performance improvements. The company claims that it has reduced the lag in the app by “over 50 percent” along with “on average 20 percent faster loading”. As part of the announcement, the company also added that it maintains “the smallest app install size on fresh install” when compared to its competition.

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