2020 saw a change in the way we approach work and education, despite a deadly pandemic raging outside. It led to increased demand for laptops and tablet devices. The latest IDC report is now able to prove that with numbers. India’s tablet market grew by 14.7 percent on 2020, with several affordable tablet makers posting high growth numbers.

The growth in the tablet space is attributed to the pandemic that kept people indoors for a majority of 2020. The IDC report mentions that the increase in sales was due to the demand for tablets for e-learning. “Consumer shipments reported an exceptional 59.8 percent growth over 2019. However, commercial shipments declined by 14.3 percent YoY as few government projects were postponed to 2021,” says the report.

Tablet sales rose substantially

The high levels of demands for tablets mainly came from the budget segment, i.e., under the $200 mark. This segment usually involves Android-based tablet devices that just focus on basic functionality instead of the high-end features. A growth of 72.3 percent was noticed YoY in the premium tablet space.

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Two of the noted premium tablet models that found favours with the consumers were the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Apple iPad 10.2-inches. A brand-wise market share distribution shows Samsung gaining the most growth percentage, i.e. up to 157 percent when compared to its 2019 tablet sales performance.

Lenovo, however, led the market share charts with a total share of 39 percent, although its sales declined by 15.1 percent in the commercial space. Apple sits in the third spot with a market share of 13 percent. The Cupertino-based firm struggled with the supply during the lockdown period but new iPad launches in the latter half helped it gain its momentum.

iBall dropped to the fourth position with a share of just four percent. The IDC report mentions that iBall may struggled with the supplies during the pandemic situation. Huawei wraps up the top five players with a share of 3 percent.

Tablets as a category helped students and professionals carry on their business during the lockdown issues. Compared to laptops, tablets are one of the easiest ways to host video calls, read and take notes, watch presentations, download notes, and more.

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