PUBG Mobile just held its first ever PUBG Mobile Star Challenge tournament (also known as PMSC 2018). The finals in Dubai ended on December 1, and was won by RRQ Athena from Thailand. The tournament, hosted by Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation (PUBG Corp.), garnered over 60 million online viewers and had around 5,000 attendees onsite.

The winning team RRQ Athena won their way from Asia to the finals, and earned the top cash prize of $200,000. CPT and LH. Douyu from Chine came in second and third respectively. The teams came from several regions, including Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Japan/Korea and China to compete.

“After all of the anticipation and attention from everyone in the gaming world, we finally have a champion for the PMSC 2018 Global Finals,” said Vincent Wang, General Manager of Global Publishing Center, Tencent. “Congratulations goes out to RRQ Athena, who played some amazing matches over the three-day international tournament that showcased our game’s playability and action. This event caps an amazing year for PUBG Mobile with industry award wins, cross promotions, and the PMSC 2018 Global Finals. Next year promises to build upon this success as our game continues to take over.”.

Team Terrifying Nightmares from India and its players Sakriya Puri, Anand Puri, Mehul Dey and Amit Sharma only managed to rank 16 in Asia with a total of 16 kills and 1,030 total points.

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