Teen orders iPhone online, gets the Apple phone-shaped coffee table instead

Apple, apart from getting involved in controversies, lawsuits, and more, has been a part of hilarious incidents too. We are talking about situations when people have ordered Apple products and got hold of something else. As part of a similar bizarre incident, a Thailand teen ordered an iPhone online but received a rather odd product: an iPhone-shaped coffee table. See what happened.

iPhone-shaped table instead of an iPhone!

As per a report by DesignYouTrust.com, the Thai teen was lured by a really affordable price tag of the iPhone 7, which he saw online. This is when he got carried away and placed the order.

When the day of the product delivery was upon him, he discovered the truth. The delivered product wasn’t the one he had signed up for. And this was visible by its huge size. It was as tall as the teenage boy: It was actually a coffee table shaped like an iPhone.

While this incident might force you into believing that it’s a scam, it isn’t. It was really the boy’s fault as he, all spellbound by the low price, forgot to check the description of the product he ordered.

Following the funny incident, the unnamed boy took to his social media platforms to display the situation he got caught up in.

For those who don’t know, the iPhone-shaped coffee table is a legitimate product by a company called 10×10 Korea. The coffee table shares an uncanny resemblance with an actual iPhone, except it is quite an enlarged version of the Apple product. It has the SIM slot as a drawer for storage.

Not the first an iPhone wasn’t delivered

This is not the first time an iPhone was promised but didn’t get delivered. We have heard of similar incidents previously wherein people had ordered an iPhone, either from Amazon India or Flipkart, only to get something else. The incidents have mainly been a scam.

While that’s not the case this time, the aforementioned clearly tells us that we should be well aware of the products we order and check the description to do the least.

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