Telangana minister invites Elon Musk, says will help ‘working through challenges’

Elon Musk recently posted a minor update about Tesla’s debut in India. The electric-car maker’s CEO had mentioned that the company is still working through a lot of challenges with the government. The comment from the business tycoon has invited a response from the Industry and Commerce Minister of Telangana, Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao.

Responding to Elon Musk’s tweet he said that the state will be happy to help Tesla through the challenges in order to set shop within its boundaries. He further promoted the state as a top-notch business destination in India.

In a tweet, KTR said, “Hey Elon, I am the Industry & Commerce Minister of Telangana state in India. Will be happy to partner with Tesla in working through the challenges to set shop in India/Telangana. Our state is a champion in sustainability initiatives & a top-notch business destination in India.”

Tesla Promises

Late in 2020, Elon had promised Indian enthusiasts in India that the electric vehicle company will launch its product in 2021. That clearly didn’t pan out. Last year, the company had serious complaints from the govt. Elon claimed that the import duties of India are one of the highest in the world. He claimed that this tax system isn’t conducive to the growth of EV sector.

Govt’s side of the story

In the govt’s defense, they have been inviting Musk to set up a Tesla assembly line in order to reduce the overall prices of their products. Currently, Tesla wants to import vehicles via the CBD (completely built unit) route to gauge the interest of buyers. Musk has claimed that if buyers show interest, the company is willing to set up a facility in the country. It is clearly a stalemate. The enthusiasts may have to wait longer than expected to get their hands on the top-selling electric vehicles in the world.

Current Status

Tesla cars and even the Superchargers have often been spotted in the wild in India. Three models/variants of Tesla cars have also been homologated. This hints that Tesla is almost ready to launch but the prices might not be what the company planned for. Many other luxury car makers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz have opted for a similar strategy.

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