Telegram’s latest update has introduced new features for its users including shared media with high-speed scrolling, a calendar view, an admin approval setting for invite links, global chat themes for the entire iOS app, and more. The messaging platform has also rolled out interactive emojis that will give a full-screen effect for private chats. These emojis include 👻 👎 🤮 😂 💸 or 🎃.

For iOS users, Telegram will now show transit time for shared locations. Users can simply tap on the shared location to pull the map of the surrounding area that will show transit time to get there by foot, car or public transport. The iOS users will get 8 new themes for the app. These themes will come with a Night and Day mode, colourful animation background and gradient message bubbles. Additionally, the text you type in the message bar will automatically convert into a caption when you attach a media file. The platform will also allow the iOS users to add text from a computer and then attach an image and send it from the iPhone.

Settings on iOS have also been revamped with streamlined notifications and sticker settings to match the style of iOS 15. The Device category now shows a better overview of active sessions with new icons.

As mentioned earlier, Telegram has released a new date bar that will appear on the side of the page that will allow users to drag up and scroll down through the shared media faster. To find a particular media file quicker, the messaging platform has also added a calendar interface for shared media. It will allow users to jump to a specific time to see media files from that date. Users will also have an option to filter the shared media to only show photos, videos or both.

Telegram Group admins will now have a preview option. Users can create a group invite link for chats but due to the new “Request Admin Approval” setting, admins will control who can join and see the chats.

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