Telegram update brings channel comments, anonymous admins and search filters

Telegram has introduced many features through its latest update such as categorized search, comment sections for channels, anonymous admins, and more. Telegram, via its blog, explained that the update will focus on helping admins manage the content that is shared while maintaining the security of interactions.

One of the most interesting improvements in this new update has to do with search filters within the Telegram app. Now it is possible to apply filters to searches in your conversations. The available filters include Media, Links, Files, and Others. Likewise, users can carry out searches for a specific time, using keywords such as the day or ‘Yesterday’. In addition, users can search for information about one of their contacts. Doing so will display all conversations with that person.

The update also includes animated pop-ups when the user deletes messages, saves media, changes notifications, and more. This feature is limited to Android. The update also brings features like ‘long-press on the profile picture for a closer look’ and long-press on the account switcher to see chat list previews.

Comments for channels, anonymous admins for groups

Telegram has introduced a new comment section in Channels. The comment button will appear on messages uploaded to Channels. Users can upload GIFs, voice messages, stickers, and more as comments. Apart from that, Telegram also said the admin can control channel comments in order to maintain politeness.

Moreover, Telegram has also introduced a new feature called Anonymous Group admins. This feature is already available for Channels. Now, group admins admin can send messages anonymously. The messages they send will now be signed as the group name.

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