Telegram has introduced a bunch of new features for users to have greater control over the privacy in its latest update. The company has shipped latest version 5.5 of Telegram (and v1.6.2 for desktop) with features like unlimited unsend feature for private chats, anonymous forwarding, and more.

With the Telegram 5.5 update, users will now be able to remove messages from the chat for both sent and received messages at any time. Earlier, this was limited to 48-hour limit and only to the messages sent from your end only. Additionally, users will also be able to “Clear History” to wipe out the entire message thread of a conversation.

“The ‘Unsend’ feature we introduced 2 years ago worked only for messages sent by you and only for 48 hours. Now you can ‘unsend’ messages you have received as well, and there is no time limit. You can also delete any private chat entirely from both your and the other person’s device with just two taps,” noted Telegram on its blog.

Telegram 5.5 has also added an anonymous forwarding option, which will allow you to restrict users from accessing your profile through forwarded messages, while your name will still be a clickable link. In order to change this setting, users will need to check the option under “Privacy and Security” and then to “Forwarded Messages”.

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The platform now allows you to choose visibility of your Telegram profile picture. Additionally, Telegram 5.5 brings new ways to find the best emoji, sticker, and GIFs from Telegram’s emoji reference database. Lastly, it finally supports accessibility features like TalkBack on Android, which is essentially voice help for users with limited or hampered vision.

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