Telegram’s final update for the year brings Message Reactions, Spoiler Alert, and more: Here’s how to use it

Telegram is wrapping up the year with the final update that brings a host of new features. The latest update brings the long-awaited message reactions. To add fun to texting, the messaging platform has included new animated emoji effects (only in one-on-one chats though) which are ‘more intricate’ on the screen.

The new Telegram 8.4 update is available on Google Play Store and is rolling out to all Android users. Here’s what the latest update brings for the users-

Telegram 8.4 update: Message reactions, Spoiler Alert, themed QR codes, and more

Message reactions– The latest update brings iMessage-style reactions. Double tapping on any message will prompt a thumbs-up reaction. The emoji for this quick can be changed in the app under Settings > Stickers and Emoji > Quick Reaction. Tapping once (tap and hold on iOS) will allow select other emoji. While chats reactions are always enabled in private chats, Channel and group admins can decide whether to turn them on and what reactions the members in the group can choose from.

Spoiler Alert– It’s practically impossible to avoid spoilers, especially on messaging platforms, the perfect place where spoilers can leak. Thankfully, Telegram has brought a handy tool that will blur out selected portions of text until a user clicks on the option.

In-app translation– The app is also bringing in-app translation for messages which will work on all Android devices, although the feature will be available only on iPhones running iOS 15 and higher. The feature accessible via the Language section in Settings will allow enabling translation, which adds a Translate button to the context menu.

Themed QR codes– Lastly, the app is adding the option to generate QR codes for users with a public username, bots, groups, and channels. To change the colour and pattern of the QR code, one can simply tap the QR code icon next to their username and select the preferred colour/pattern. The QR code can be found under Settings.

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