Cheating has be a part of games since time immemorial, this is true for video games as well. Cheaters and hackers have been one of the most persistent problems of gaming. Cheaters usually use unfair means including software to get an advantage in games. PUBG Mobile cheaters like in all other shooting games, use hacks and cheats. Some of these allow players to automatically aim for the heads. There are other hacks that allow users to see through the walls at the positions of different enemies. There are quite a lot of different hacks, and these are all unfair.

The developers of PUBG, be it mobile, PC or the consoles have taken the threat of hackers very seriously. And in a recent move announced by Tencent Games, it tweeted that it has banned a host of PUBG Mobile cheaters. This ban wave occurred between the period of July 9 and July 15. The tweet reads, “We continue to remove cheating players from PUBG MOBILE. Visit our website for a partial list of players banned between July 9 and July 15, and please keep reporting cheaters!”

PUBG Devs in a recent video announced the importance of player reports on different enemies. These reports can be for toxic behavior and for assumed cheating. Once a player is reported for cheating, the developer team will look into them. This includes the games that the person has played and how they attained all the kills. They will be running the person’s game through all the anti-cheating software to see if any cheating software was used by them.

PUBG cheater detection

A new video from PUBG Corp released looks into how the PUBG anti-cheat team works for the PC version. The video gives us an insight into how all the different anti-cheat measures from the developers work. This new video is titled, “an update from the PUBG team working behind the scenes to respond to cheaters and unauthorized apps.”

The video stresses the automated checks and balances that the developers have put in place. But at the end of it all, it mentions and highlights how important user reporting of incidents is. Dohyung Lee, who is the head of PUBG‘s anti-cheat unit says, “We’re always looking for ways to provide the most positive gameplay experience we can for our community.”

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