Tesla Cybertruck spotted testing with new design, equipment changes

Tesla Cybertruck production got delayed but the company is busy making additions to the truck. A new video has surfaced which shows a few additions and maybe a few omissions as well. Tesla Cybertruck is expected to enter production late next year and the company is conducting test rides at its Fremont factory testing track.

A youtuber flew a drone above the testing track in order to catch a glimpse of the testing grounds, and following another, Tesla running on the track, he spotted the Cybertruck. However, it looked a little different from the Cybertruck that was revealed by Elon Musk in 2019. The Cybertruck was on the move at the testing track when it was spotted.

Some of the biggest differences can be seen at the front of the car. The aerial view of the Cybertruck showed a massive single blade wiper on the left side of the vehicle’s windshield. The wiper has been missing on all previous prototypes of the Cybertruck. Considering that the windshield is squarish, a single blade wiper should be able to do the job for the pick-up.

Another big notable change at the front is the headlight. Tesla has made changes to the headlight assembly of the Cybertruck as well. It doesn’t appear to be the same unit which stretched from one side to the other. Instead, the testing vehicle has two conventionally placed headlamps and they has three dim lights in between both sides.

The bumper upfront also doesn’t look as sharp as the prototypes that have been spotted numerous times. Tesla seems to be making the new Cybertruck compliant with all the rules and regulations. The company will have to make sure to provide protection for pedestians which is why the bumper looks curvier than the sharp design shared at the unveil event.

Some viewers also pointed at the seemingly short bed of the Tesla Cybertruck at the testing grounds but that can’t be known for sure. The pick up truck in Fremont was also equipped with rear view mirrors on the side, which is a stark departure from what Tesla had promised. The Cybertruck was unveiled with cameras that were integrated in the body to function as side view mirrors. However, the car manufacturer hasn’t been able to get the approval for the same.

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