Tesla launching soon in India? Supercharger spotted ahead of official announcement

Tesla is yet to step into the Indian market officially, but the brand seems to be getting closer to an actual launch date. The most recent indicator is a Tesla Supercharger that was spotted in India. Superchargers provide extremely short charging times when compared to the apparatus installed at home. However, these might not be the flagship charging stations of the company.

The image of the new Tesla Supercharger was shared via a tweet by Tesla Club India. The Twitter handle also shared some data about the charging station. The one spotted in the image is a V2 Supercharger which is a 150kW charging station. The V3 Supercharger that is available in fewer countries, is a 250kW charging station. The V2 Supercharger in the image comes with two plugs, Type 2 & CCS2.

Tesla cars have been spotted in India on numerous occasions. Tesla Model 3 is most likely to be the first product that will be launched in India. It also happens to be the cheapest car in the company’s portfolio.

Elon Musk has time and again expressed his interest in entering the Indian market. However, he has also spoken up about some factors that are making the launch of the electric vehicle brand a little tough. One of the major complaints the American businessman made was about the high import duty. India has one of the highest import duties in the world which will then impact the price the consumer will have to pay.

In response to Musk’s grievance, the Indian government invited him to set up a manufacturing facility in India to bypass the high import taxes.

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Currently, there’s no official time frame regarding the launch of the first Tesla car in India. The increased sightings of test mules and now battery charging stations indicate that Tesla is hard at work to bring its products to India.

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