Gaming has long since been counted as a media source that has the biggest potential for growth. And this has been maintained not just by gamers or people in this field, but also experts who analyze different fields. And now it seems their prediction is coming true, and the numbers are there to back up the claims. Present statistics claim that the gaming industry right now is worth £3.864 billion, and this number makes the gaming industry bigger than the film and music industry of the world put together.

Contributing to this number according to Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) are three games which managed to sell 1 million units in 2018 alone. These games include FIFA 19, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Call of Duty Black Ops 4. The physical retail market for games actually went down by 2.8 percent in 2018, despite that the gaming industry managed to maintain a 51.3 percent of the total entertainment industry. This makes it clear that half of the entertainment industry of the world is comprised of gaming. This statistic would have surprised quite a few people even just  a few years back.

ERA CEO Kim Bayley says that this growth of the gaming industry can actually be attributed to the fact that it capitalized on the digital format of entertainment and offered “new and compelling forms of entertainment.” He says that gaming has always led the way in terms of adopting new technology and left other modes of entertainment behind. The most prominent example of gaming being the way to go for future is Netflix’s most recent episode of Black Mirror Bandersnatch. Here Netflix used choice as a medium for people how have not played games and they were introduced to branching narratives based on their own actions. This took off immediately and was an instant hit.

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