It seems we are about to get a new Batman game and it will be called Batman: Arkham Legacy. This new bit of information has been leaked by Twitter user @New_WabiSabi who is know for accurately leaking game details. He has built a reputation as being accurate with his numerous leaks during E3 2019. His accuracy led to him being threatened with legal action by Nintendo.

The leak essentially just speaks about two different things which include the name of the game which is Batman: Arkham Legacy. And that all the characters from the Bat family will be playable in the game. This would make for a great game. And it makes sense to have different characters with different character trees, skills and costumes.

WB Games Montreal recently dropped a lot of teases about a Batman game which confirmed the existence of the game in the first place. And now this new information has added to that. But Sony’s September State of Play which people expected to feature a superhero game, is now over without any mention of the new Batman game.

But the studio has not mentioned anything about the game since then. And this is surprising since the previous activity hinted that we are set to get the game very soon. And by very soon people were expecting days and not months.

The Batman Arkham games were recently made available for free on Epic Games store along with the Lego series. This took place around Batman day and was followed by a Batman event on Fortnite which is Epic’s most popular game and biggest earner. Though this is no indication that Epic has made a deal with Warner Brothers for any of the future games appearing on the store.

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