Android or iPhone? We are not going to fan that debate today but if your intention is to move towards an iPhone, or upgrade to a newer one, choosing the right model could be difficult. Unlike the previous decade, Apple now launches four iPhone models in a year. At the same time, it continues to sell older models at lower prices, and even launch newer versions of the SE series. For those not being tech-savvy, it could be difficult.

Luckily, you have us to guide you in this journey of choosing the right iPhone. We have compiled a list of the models that are worth getting, as well as the ones you should avoid, especially given the new iPhone 13 models are around the corner.

iPhone models that are worth buying now

iPhone 12 Mini

Starting at Rs 59,999, the iPhone 12 Mini is a sweet deal if you are fine with a compact smartphone. The Mini is easy to rock, has a superb display, a pair of great cameras, and support for Apple’s convenient MagSafe charging. Battery life isn’t outstanding but you can still get through an entire day. Oh, there’s support for 5G networks too.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12

The bigger version of the Mini offers a larger display, much better battery life, and faster MagSafe charging. The 64GB version at Rs 67,999 seems sweet but if you are looking to daily this for some years, the 128GB variant at Rs 72,999 makes more sense.

iPhone 11

Starting at Rs 48,999, the iPhone 11 is another good option if you can’t cross the 50k mark. It hasn’t got the sleek looks of the 12 but the iPhone 11 has a very fast A13 chip, some highly capable cameras, an even better battery life, and pretty colours.

iPhone SE

You only have to pay Rs 33,000 for a relatively new iPhone now. The iPhone SE is a great entry point for first-timers, as well as a great option for those who don’t want the notched iPhones. It’s as compact as the Mini, has a good single camera, and the promise of iOS updates for at least four more years. Watch out for the battery life as well as the smaller 4.7-inch display.

iPhone models to avoid

iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR

The iPhone XR looks and feels old, even though it shares the design with 11. The A12 chip is fast enough but it is three years old by now. The camera doesn’t hold up to similarly priced Android phones and with fewer iOS support years under the belt, it does not make for a sensible option anymore.

iPhone 12 Pro

The only reason the iPhone 12 Pro is in this part of the list if due to the impending launch of the iPhone 13 Pro models in a few weeks. Unless you get it with a massive discount, buying the iPhone 12 Pro models make no sense now.

iPhone 11 Pro

You might often find the iPhone 11 Pro on Flipkart and Amazon stock clearance sale for Rs 80,000 or so. Avoid it, as an iPhone 12 model for the same price will serve you better. Also, you can wait for the iPhone 13 to show up in a few weeks.

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