Recently after the release of the newest Apple iOS 13, people discovered that the new update makes PUBG Mobile and Fortnite unplayable. This was due to a three-finger touch issue, that had a whole other meaning on iOS 13. The new three-finger touch feature for iOS 13 that is a text-editing gesture brings up options like undo, copy, and paste. This feature is apparently being activated when players try to play PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. These games often require players to use two fingers to point and move while a third finger does the shooting. This is usually achieved in the claw grip, and it now bringing up the text-editing gestures.

Now, it seems that there is a fix for this issue with PUBG Mobile. The fix for the issue was tweeted by ipasana1207 which was then retweeted by the main PUBG Mobile handle, which means this is a legitimate fix. The fix basically requires the user to update their os to iOS 13.1 Beta version that is out right now.

How to fix Apple iOS 13 three-finger touch issue for PUBG Mobile

Before we begin, it is best to take a backup of your device in the rare event something goes wrong.

– To start off visit and log in using the iTunes ID and password.

– And in the Get Started section tap on ‘enroll you iOS device’ and then tap on ‘Download profile’.

– Once it shows ‘Profile Downloaded’, go to the iPhone settings, and tap on the ‘Profile Downloaded’ tab.

– This will take you to the newly downloaded profile screen and here you just need to tap ‘install’.

– After this go to the ‘Software Update’ tab on Settings and it should show that ‘iOS 13.1 Public beta 4’ can be downloaded and installed. Here just tap on ‘Download and Install’ which should install the new beta version.

– Once the beta version of iOS 13.1 is installed you can play PUBG Mobile without any worries about the three-finger touch issue.

The video of the same can be checked out here

Both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile devs have acknowledged this issue and is apparently working with Apple for a fix.

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