Instagram had teased in November 2020 that it was working on a feature for business accounts called Frequently Asked Questions. Now, the final version of the feature has started rolling out to users in India.

With this feature, you can leave a few prompts or FAQs that you expect people to ask you for which you can leave default responses in your Instagram DM.

A similar feature has already been seen on several dating apps like Hinge that allow its users to post images or questions to which others can leave responses.

How does Instagram FAQs in DM work?

Those who have already received the feature will be able to spot it in their Instagram DM. After tapping on the ‘Frequently Answered Questions’ option you will be asked to create questions that others can tap at the beginning of a chat to help start a conversation with you.


Instagram Frequently Asked Questions B

These questions will appear as a suggestion at the beginning of every chat. You also have the option of disabling this feature.

This feature allows a user to post up to 4 questions on their profile.

Instagram Frequently Asked Questions C

Instagram FAQs for DMs could prove to be useful for businesses or people with a large following who are often responding to either customer queries or fans requests.

Instagram Frequently Asked Questions D

Who will get the FAQ feature?

Facebook also offers a FAQ option for its users who have a Facebook page. Page owners and admins can set up a series of questions and responses to those questions which can be presented at the beginning of the conversation page – just like Instagram’s new feature.

It is possible that the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ feature will only be available to businesses and accounts that have a considerable following so that they can connect with a larger audience.

Instagram and Facebook have merged their direct messages platform where Facebook Messenger users can send DMs to Instagram users and vice versa.

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