This is the most and least used emoji in 2021, it is not what you think

At the end of every year, the Unicode Consortium releases the most used emojis in the year. We now have the list of most used emojis in 2021. The report reveals the list of most used emojis in the entire year. Notably, the new report also includes both smileys and emojis.

The Unicode Consortium report stated, “Emoji patterns are pretty universal across the subcategories… top-ranked emoji consistently represent multiple concepts so they are used in a wider variety of situations. As an example, let’s look at clothing emoji. The top used is crown while the emoji collecting cobwebs in your keyboard seem to lack non-literal uses (like clutch bag, lab coat, and flat shoe).”

Most used emoji of the year

As per the Unicode Consortium, the most used emoji tag goes to the Tears of Joy 😂. This is followed by the heart ❤️ emoji. As per the data collected by the Unicode Consortium, Tears of Joy accounted for more than 5 percent of all emoji used. The heart emoji was also close enough.

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As per the report, all other emojis are far behind in the list. Following Tears of Joy and heart, the list of most used emoji includes 🤣, 👍 , 😭, 🙏, 😘, 🥰, 😍 and 😊. As per the report, the data is quite similar to that of 2019.

The Unicode Consortium report also revealed a list of category-wise data for the most popular emoji in various categories like ‘Smileys and Emotion’, ‘People and body’, ‘Activities’, ‘Flags’ and more. The result shows, categories like Face-smiling and Hands were some of the most frequently used emojis.

The report also shows that Plants and Flowers emoji were among the most frequently used emojis and dominated the ‘Animals and Nature’ category. Flags, on the other hand, were the least used emoji.

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