This is the most commonly used password in India: If you use it too, change it immediately

Most people are often lazy at setting a strong password for their social, phone, or even bank account. They often either use their name, date of birth, parents/husband birthday, or words/ events close to them as their password and wonder no one will be able to crack it. They are mistaken.

A new report coming from NordPass reveals the most commonly used passwords and how much time it will take to crack them. No, it is not what you think. 12345 is not the most popular password.  

As per the report, “password” is the most commonly used password in India right now. Some of the other commonly used passwords include — 12345, 123456, 123456789, 12345678, india123, 1234567890, 1234567, qwerty, abc123, iloveyou, and xxx. Funny, right? Totally.

The report suggests most of these passwords can be cracked in under one minute. While “india123” password might take 17 minutes to be cracked. 

These passwords are also very commonly used

The report also reveals that the majority of people use their name as a password. In addition, the band ‘Onedirection’ is also among the most popular and commonly used passwords in many countries. It also indicates that people commonly use the football club ‘Liverpool’, ‘Ferrari’ and ‘Porsche’ as their passwords. Surprisingly, these passwords can also be easily cracked.

A large group of people also use swear words as their password of choice globally. While men use swear words the most, password like ‘iloveyou’ is mostly used by women in the US.

It further reveals that passwords like 123456, 123456789, 111111, 12345, qwerty, password, dragon, money, asdfghjkl, asdfgh, and 147258369 are commonly used and take less than one second to crack.

Set strong password

It is important to use strong passwords in order to prevent your account and personal information from evil hackers and scammers out there. To set strong passwords, you must create a password of at least 12 characters and it should be a combination of special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

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