Google’s video streaming platform YouTube has surpassed 10 billion downloads on the Google Play store. As per a report coming from 9to5Google, the popular video streaming platform YouTube is one of the most downloaded and used apps globally in the past decade, especially with the improving global internet speed.

The pandemic has also pushed hundreds and thousands of users become creators on YouTube and showcase the talent that they have and share it with viewers globally.

YouTube comes pre-installed with almost all supported Android smartphones, be it affordable ones or the expensive/premium models. The YouTube app is available for download on both Google Play store and Apple App store. Apple doesn’t share download numbers, but on Google Play store, YouTube has been downloaded by more than 10 billion users globally.

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To engage more and more users on the platform, Google has added several new features on the YouTube mobile app including Shorts, a rival for TikTok, the short video platform that is currently banned in India. Some reports suggest that Parent company ByteDance is working on bringing the TikTok app back to the country but as TickTock.

YouTube recently rolled out a new tool for creators called Super Thanks. The feature basically allows users to tip their favourite creators on the video streaming platform. The Super Thanks feature on YouTube provides and an opportunity for creators to earn money and also strengthen their relationships with their viewers.

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