This Xiaomi Mi 9 wallpaper seems inspired from macOS Mojave’s dynamic wallpaper

Xiaomi is infamously known as Apple of China mainly because of its habit of cloning products of the Cupertino-based company. The newly introduced Xiaomi Mi 9 comes with an attractive wallpaper that features an image of a sand dune which appears during the day and darkens at night. The Verge has revealed that it is a rip off of the signature wallpaper of macOS Mojave.

The Xiaomi Mi 9’s wallpaper has used the same background as well as the color shifting feature of the dynamic wallpaper on the macOS Mojave. Various products that Xiaomi has launched in the past have been blatantly copied from the product range of Apple. For instance, the first Mi Pad appeared very similar to the iPad Mini. It appeared more like an Android version of the iPad Mini with iOS-like user interface. The Redmi 4 phone from 2017 looks like the iPhone 6 from behind.

The notched display design of the Xiaomi Mi 8 is simply lifted from the Apple iPhone X. The recent launch AirDots wireless in-ear headphones is a direct clone of AirPods by Apple. Even the product listing on Xiaomi’s website resembles with the way Apple does on its website.

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Xiaomi is known for launching innovative products, but the way it deliberately copies Apple can harm all the goodwill. Also, it reflects the company’s attitude towards using its own ideas for marketing its products. In the past, Xiaomi Global VP and Managing Director, Manu Kumar Jain had claimed in an interview that Apple builds products for elites whereas Xiaomi makes the same high-end products available to the masses. Well, despite copying Apple brazenly, the honest pricing and aggressive online sales strategies have allowed Xiaomi to become the number smartphone brand in India.

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