TikTok could offer support for three-minute long videos soon: Report

They say, the more the merrier, and that’s exactly what short-video-making app TikTok has in store for its users globally. The company wants to see if giving users the option to create longer videos will give them an incentive to create more content and gain more followers.

As per social media consultant Matt Navarra, TikTok is looking to roll out the support for long video format which means that users will be able to record and post videos up to three minutes. Navarra tweeted a screenshot of the app which says that the feature is still in its early stages of testing.

At the moment, TikTok allows users to upload videos up to one minute although most users prefer uploading shorter videos on the platform (up to 15 seconds). The format has worked wonders for TikTok as it has been able to garner millions of users across the globe.

The ability to make innovative, funny or interactive videos under a minute appeal to audiences and gives them the opportunity to explore various kinds of content online.

Do three-minute TikTok videos make sense?

What TikTok could be looking to target with the extended three-minute version is still not clear, however, it seems that the Bytedance-owned video platform is in hot pursuit of YouTube. If you remember, even YouTube started off with a shorter 10-minute limitation per video and today it hosts hours of content.

Not that the appeal for the shorter form of videos is dying, I believe TikTok wants to give its users the option to not restrict themselves because of the limited window of one minute. Will the three-minute TikTok plan work? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The company has made no official announcement of when the feature will be rolled out for its users. TikTok has been banned in India citing security reasons although the company is striving to negotiate with the Indian government to get the app back in the country.

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