The developers behind the social media app TikTok seem to be working on introducing a number of new features. One of the new features seems to be adding a WhatsApp shortcut inside the app. The company is testing this new feature to make video sharing easier for its users. The shortcut will allow TikTok users to easily share their TikTok videos with their friends and family on WhatsApp. To clarify, “WhatsApp” was already present in the TikTok “Share” menu. However, with this, the app seems to be adding a list of direct shortcuts of your friends or family on WhatsApp inside the app.

Upcoming features on TikTok

According to a report by TheNextWeb, the company is working on testing a number of unreleased features. First up, TikTok developers are currently testing a “Discover” tab in the app. Similar to Instagram, this tab is meant to make content discovery easier on the platform. The company is also working on testing a grid feed layout as part of the “Discover” tab. This unreleased tab is likely to take place of the usual “Search” tab that is present on the left of the upload button. It is unclear to us about how different the feature will be when compared to Instagram discovery tab.

Other changes include testing out new icons to indicate the number of likes or downloads on any given video. The report also revealed that the social media platform is also testing Facebook and Google account linking. This feature is likely to help users easily discover and connect with their Facebook or Gmail contacts on TikTok. This is not all as the report also indicated an account switcher. The feature is similar to the account switcher that we have seen on Instagram. The switcher allows TikTok users to manage multiple accounts without the need of logging out and logging in again.

Developers are also working on other tests that include “Suggested Users”, “Sounds”, and “Hashtags” in the Search. Beyond this, the company may also add a “Liked by creator” tag on comments. It is likely that not all of the mentioned features will make their way to the stable version of the app. Most likely, the company will implement the changes that receive the most amount of positive feedback.

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