Top 5 features of Xiaomi’s new MIUI 12.5 Android ROM update

Xiaomi at the global launch of its Mi 11 flagship smartphone announced that it will start rolling out its new MIUI 12.5 Android ROM globally in the second quarter of 2021. The smartphone giant has announced that MIUI 12.5 is an intermediate update based on MIUI 12, with a major focus on delivering a faster and smoother overall experience with system optimizations. Here we will be taking a look at the top 5 features of MIUI 12.5.

MIUI 12.5: Revamped UI

With MIUI 12.5 the company states that it has focused on system optimizations. The company has brought a complete revamp of the system UI, with which it claims to have reduced CPU usage by up to 22 percent and power consumption by up to 15 percent. With these changes, the company claims that Xiaomi smartphones will be able to deliver a comparatively smoother and more responsive experience than MIUI 12.

The company has also added a dedicated thread that handles systems, gestures and other tasks, all of which were previously rendered on a single thread. There are also new animations for folders and extracting apps. Design of the power menu and the volume controller has been improved.

With the update, the company has also made style customisable, allowing users to revert to the style of MIUI 9. The camera settings interface has been simplified, the cleaner app has a new design and the notification shade has been brought closer to the Android 11 view.

MIUI 12.5: Ability to uninstall system apps

Users have been asking Xiaomi for some time in their forums for it to allow them to delete system apps that are not required. The company has heard them indeed and with MIUI 12.5 has brought the ability for users to uninstall most system apps. It said in a blog post, that while most of the system apps can now be uninstalled, there are some uninstallable apps that can be hidden.

MIUI 12.5: Location approximation

For ensuring user privacy, MIUI 12.5 comes with a location approximation feature, which will notify applications you give permission for you location access with your approximate location, not your exact location. Thus ensuring that the apps cannot follow you.

MIUI 12.5: Photo to PDF

The company has added a new feature to MIUI 12.5, which will allow users to any photo inside of their gallery into a PDF file.

MIUI 12.5: Other features

Other new features include new fingerprint animations, bubble notification support, the addition of super resolution, voice control, new QR code interface, new icon styles and more.

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