If you love cars and gaming, chances are that you have enjoyed some of the most popular racing titles from the 2000’s. The early 2000’s gave us some of the best racing games in the history of gaming, making players go mad with larger-than-life driving styles and insane levels of customisations. I mean, who can forget the Fast & Furious inspired car customization from Need For Speed Underground 2?

Sadly, modern racing games are mostly about simulation-based track day racing and while these are satisfying, only a few offer the untamed thrills of the classic racers from the early 2000’s. Since most developers are considering a remake of popular games from the action and adventure genres (for example, Mafia: The Definitive Edition), we thought it would be nice to see remakes of some these popular titles.

Have a go through our pick of the top five racing games from the 2000s. What game do you want to be added to this list?

Need For Speed Underground 2
Burnout Paradise
Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005
Need For Speed 2
Midnight Club Los Angeles


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