Top Microsoft Office alternatives that you can consider: Free Office, Dropbox, and more

With the help of Microsoft, you can prepare your presentation in minutes and can easily explain any strategy, idea, or information to any person through photo, video, or text. It would not be wrong to say that Microsoft is the first choice of users, but what if you are not using Microsoft Office for a long time and want to explore some other alternatives. We have the solution!

Here are some top alternatives of Microsoft Office that you can consider

Free Office

The latest version of FreeOffice was launched in the year 2016. The software supports DOC, DOX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PPT file formats. The look of the software is reminiscent of Microsoft Word. Its toolbar is similar to that of the Office suite.


If you are a Dropbox user and are looking for something to write documents for instantly, then Dropbox Paper is the perfect place to use. It is effortless and powerful. It not only allows writing documents but also allows you to paste pictures. While it’s not a featured suite, Dropbox might want to go the Google Drive route.

Google’s G Suite

Google’s online suite needs no introduction. This is an excellent option in software that uses cloud servers. If you are well versed with Google Drive, you might like this software a lot. The software supports PDF, DOC files, and even iWork files. You will not worry about data loss in the software here.

iWork for iCloud

If you have a Mac, you can get Apple’s iWork suite for iCloud. It works in an effortless way. It can be accessed on the web. It has a collaboration feature to work with other people. The Apple variants of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. This suite is well designed with minimal interfaces.

WPS Office

WPS Office comes with Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet. The software is relatively easy to use. In many ways, it looks like Microsoft Office. With the help of software, you can efficiently work on multiple documents. Its app version is available for free for iOS and Android users.

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