TikTok and PUBG Mobile are finding legislation as the biggest challenge in India. The Goa government has taken steps to discourage the use of mobile app TikTok and online game PUBG among students. Speaking in the Goa legislative Assembly on Monday, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant announced the move. The announcement in response to a question from Congress MLA Ravi Naik. Sawant, in a written reply tabled during the ongoing Monsoon session, quoted a circular issued by the state Director of Education Nagaraj Honnekeri.

The circular primarily focuses on safety and security of students in the social media age. It points that awareness needs to be created among parents and guardians about the social media apps in the interest of safety and security of students. “…awareness needs to be be created among the parents, guardians and the children in not to download or use TikTok app and PUBG game. The app and the game create the issue of safety and security of children in the state of Goa,” the circular reads, adding that preventive measures may be of “great help in saving lives”.

TikTok and PUBG Mobile are two of the most popular applications in the country right now. TikTok is the most popular app in social media while PUBG Mobile is the most popular game. Their popularity has raised a lot of concerns as well. TikTok has been criticized for spread of anti-Indian and unlawful activities. The MeitY recently sent a notice to Bytedance warning that the app will face a ban if it does not submit appropriate response to those questions.

PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, has been criticized for inciting violence and affecting mental stability. The game was temporarily banned in India. It has also been banned in countries like Nepal, China, Iraq and Jordan citing negative effects. In India, both Gujarat and Tamil Nadu imposed a brief ban on the game. Now, Goa CM is going a step further to educate the people about safety and security. TikTok or PUBG Mobile have not commented on Goa CM’s move but these apps might offer support soon.

(Written with IANS inputs)

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