Twitter acquires social podcasting app Breaker to help build Twitter Spaces

Twitter has acquired the social broadcasting app Breaker to help build Twitter Spaces, which is its own audio-based networking project. Twitter Spaces entered beta testing in December last year. As of now, Twitter Spaces is available for only a small feedback group, but Spaces said in a tweet that it will slowly grow the group in the coming weeks. Those interested in joining Twitter Spaces feedback group can do so by signing up for it.

Breaker app was founded in 2016, a time when podcasts were only thought of as productivity tools. Breaker brought in the social element, thanks to features such as the ability to like and comment on episodes, follow friends to discover new podcasts, as well as share, shows they like on their social media accounts.

Breaker app is led by CEO Erik Berlin and CTO Leah Culver. “We’re excited to announce that the Breaker team is joining Twitter! We’re joining Twitter because we believe in the future of audio communication and are inspired by the ways Twitter is facilitating public conversations for people around the world. We hope to continue to innovate in how we communicate with each other, beyond the scope of traditional podcasts,” the Breaker team said in a company blog post.

The Breaker iOS and Android app along with the website will be closed down on January 15, 2021. Breaker users can transfer their subscriptions to another podcast listening app by exporting in an OPML file from Breaker. Next, open the file in the podcast listening app of choice like Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Castro, and more.

Twitter Spaces is similar to voice-based chat room by Clubhouse. Spaces is aimed at striking a voice-based conversation on the platform, which allows users to create a ‘Space’ that their followers can join in to participate in the conversation. In a Space, a maximum of tn people can speak at the same time.

While only the host can control who gets to speak, conversations can be listened to by anyone on Twitter. “For now, Spaces are public and anyone can join as a listener. If you create a Space, your followers will see it in their Fleets. You have control over who can speak,” reads a Twitter Spaces help page.

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