Twitter Blue paid service confirmed, base subscription plan to be priced under Rs 200

The long-time rumoured Twitter Blue paid subscription service has now been officially confirmed. The paid subscription service brings special features such as Undo Tweets, Read Mode and more to Twitter users. Twitter Blue gets confirmed by the company via its app page in the iOS app store. Interestingly, price of the subscription plan has also been revealed for the very first time.

As per details coming from Jane Manchun Wong, who is now the first Twitter Blue user, the base subscription of Twitter Blue will be priced at $2.29 in the US, which roughly translates to Rs 177. Reports suggest that Twitter Blue will be first available for users in the United States and later followed by other markets, probably including India.

Currently, Twitter Blue has been listed as an in-app purchase within the app for iOS. Wong was the first to spot the service and shared screenshots of how the service will look and work for users and also the features it will bring to users. As per the screenshots, Twitter Blue comes with colour themes and custom app icons.

The screenshots suggest users will be able to choose theme for their profile and get several colour options such as yellow, red and purple. Twitter will also provide an option to change the app icon to pink, purple, green, orange and other colours making your profile look colourful and interesting.

Besides the flexibility to customise the feed, Twitter Blue comes provides access to premium features including Read Mode, Undo Tweets, categories favourite tweets into different collections, among others.

Several past reports suggest that Twitter Blue will be offered with different subscription plans. Users who opt for higher subscription plans will get more features when compared to cheaper plans. The microblogging site is yet to officially release the paid subscription service Twitter Blue but considering the recent reports we believe the official launch could happen soon.

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